Music Production & Recording Studio Special Events

Experience the unique world of music production - Play, sing, wine, dine and celebrate, all under the same roof!



Stardust Recording Studios are much more than a top address for high quality music production. Our new event location ensures exceptional recording studio sessions: write and sing your own song assisted by proven professionals. A successful day of recording with Charlie Glass is followed by a delicious dinner, cool drinks and of course live piano music performed by Charlie himself.

At the end of the evening, you will be presented with the finished CD to take home. Your colleagues in the sound studio turn into friends who celebrate with you your shared creative experience. This sort of event is ideal for up to twenty guests.

Stardust Studios Tonmeister Alex Prechtl am Mischpult
Stardust Studios Aufnahme Session
Musikproduzent Charlie Glass in seinen Stardust Tonstudios

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