The Ultimate in Live Piano Music

For over two decades, the pianist Charlie Glass has been enthralling audiences with nothing but his voice and a piano. Invitations to perform have led this pianist from Munich throughout Europe, up as far as Lapland, and much further afield to the United Arab Emirates, New York and San Francisco.

Irrespective of whether he is playing, whether at the Media Ball in Berlin, at financial summits, at celebrations of Germany’s FC Bayern, at events for the Thai Royal Family or at Monte Carlo receptions, Charlie Glass can always provide the appropriate musical fare. Over the years, with over five thousand performances behind him, he has played for all the biggest banks, insurance companies, automobile manufacturers and major commercial enterprises. His virtuosity and unique piano playing style combined with his multifaceted and distinctive voice, as well his virtually inexhaustible repertoire, continues to ignite great enthusiasm in listeners of all generations.Foto zeigt Pianist Charlie Glass

Whether he is playing at an exclusive dinner, at a piano lounge or at a concert, Charlie Glass enlivens just about every festivity with his own versions of contemporary hits, as well as with classic tunes from the history of rock and pop.



The Recording Studio – His Second Home!

Since the age of seventeen, Charlie Glass has produced about a thousand musical pieces in his capacity as composer, record producer and arranger for artists such as Drafi Deutscher, Udo Jürgens, Fancy, Eartha Kitt, Roberto Blanco, Stefanie Hertel, Germany’s FC Bayern-München and Wolfgang Fierek, including hits for various other stars and music for television.

Under the name of Jam Tronik, he produced “Another Day in Paradise” (Phil Collins) which became a worldwide hit. Michael Jackson, a friend and fan of the Las Vegas Magicians Siegfried and Roy, contributed the title song to the soundtrack album which Charlie Glass created for them. Charlie’s song “We Can Move a Mountain” (performed by Fancy) won fifth place in the Eurovision Song Contest (German entry)

Der Pianist Charlie Glass in seinen Stardust-Tonstudios

Charlie Glass has also composed numerous “corporate songs” (see the section “Corporate Songs”): he has sung and recorded many bank and corporate signature tunes.

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The right musical mix for every event

Whether he performs alone, or as a duo with the singer Nera (from “Café del Mar”), or as a trio with Steve Hooks on his double saxaphone, or with a whole group of other musicians, performances by Charlie Glass always constitute a musical highlight.

Der Pianist Charlie Glass Live im Lufthansa Hangar

His grooving jazz lounge versions of hits by Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson, Robbie Williams, Elton John, Meat Loaf and even AC/DC will give you a whole new musical experience.

Music by Charlie Glass is available for download or can be purchased on CD. 

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